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BlueCross BlueShield Latest Updates

We’ve always focused on ensuring affordability of care, and in the COVID-19 era, that matters more than ever. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Our first responsibility is to our members – making sure you have access to high-quality in-network care and keeping the cost of that care affordable.
  • It is difficult to keep coverage affordable for our members if we’re paying significantly more to some health care providers for the same care.
  • We will continue to work to reach an equitable agreement with Radiology Alliance.
  • To date, we have been unable to reach a fair agreement, meaning that members of our Network P, Network S, BlueCare, BlueCare Plus or TennCareSelect plans will now need to seek care from other providers – or likely face paying more for services provided by Radiology Alliance providers.
  • Additionally, Radiology Alliance has elected to leave our Medicare Advantage network as of April 19, 2021.
  • We are committed to collaborating with impacted facilities and our members to help them find in-network radiology providers to support their care needs.
  • If our members have a true medical emergency, they should go to the closest facility of their choice, including facilities served by Radiology Alliance.